Unique In The World

At the bottom of Mont Ventoux

Between heaven and earth, the Giant of Provence is drawn, otherwise more famous under the name of Mont Ventoux. It is at the foot of this colossus of stone that our vineyard flourishes. The great diversity of soil offers all the possibilities: sandy soils provide finesse and elegance to our White and Rosé wines, while gravel and clay guarantee the power and complexity of our Red wines The vines of the estate also have an exceptional and specific microclimate from the mount: the sunshine and a dry climate allow a maturation of the grapes, while the cool nights, brought by the Mont Ventoux, reinforce the natural acidity of the wines, providing a good balance and strong aging potential. Finally the Mistral, a major component of Provence, this wind that comes from the north, guaranteed the health of the vines and the grapes for our greatest happiness. This landscape that I have described is the signature of a great terroir that you still have to discover.